Leap Year Ultra ( The 229 Run ) 

Saturday February 29th 2020
​( For Leap Year, the next one will be Friday night 2-29-2032 )

What is a Fat Ass Run... Informal “races,” devoid of accoutrements like port-a-potties, finishers’ swag and course markings, have likely existed as long as running. Their emphasis is on fun, and community – the fundamental bricks on which our running lives are built.

But in an age in which organized races take place nearly every weekend – and some have grown so popular as to require near-immediate registration, or a lottery, to get in – low-key, under-the-radar, non-race events provide a refreshing change of pace to runners who feel the fun is lost in the pursuit of yet another finisher’s tee.

In ultrarunning parlance, these informal affairs are known as “Fat Ass” (or “fatass”) events. Sometimes, they’re exclusive, and they’re always at least a little bit hush-hush. ( Yup, that's the 229run )

“A Fat Ass is not a race,” says “Sherpa” John Lacroix, 34, of Thornton, Colorado. “It’s a glorified group run. No aid, no shirts, no awards, no wimps.” ( Yup, that describes the 229run, but with water )

Read the full article here...  https://trailrunnermag.com/races/trail-race-news/the-lost-art-of-the-fat-ass.html

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We don't expect to have champagne along the course, but there will be water

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The date was just to good to pass up!

Course is single track trail, jeep trail, dirt road, paved road, and more trail.....your gonna like it!