Date: Saturday  3-19-2022
Location: Riverbend & Loxahatchee River Battlefield Parks, 
                    9060 Indiantown Road Jupiter, FL 33478

Events Start Times: from the River Pavilion on Picnic Island
                    Individual & Relay
                             10 Hour – Saturday 3-20-2021 at 8:00am to 6:00pm
                              6 Hour – Saturday 3-20-2021 at 8:30am to 2:30pm 

                              Half, Half Relay & 10K have a 9:00am start

Finish Time: 6:00pm March 19th ( We have to 7:30pm to exit the park )

Relay Teams: 10 hour event, teams can be 2 to 4 runners
                         6 hour event, teams can be 2 or 3 runners

Course:  The course will be a loop around the Riverbend park, the trail is crushed shellrock and some asphault path.
The LONG loop distance map
link to view the route is:

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Aid Station: A fully stocked aid station will be at the Start/Finish line which you'll pass every 3.32 miles.

“As it applies to my participation in this race, participants must agree to abide by the Center for Disease Control (CDC)'s recommendations for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 and attest to having read the CDC's guidance at: I also agree to abide by any COVID-19 distancing and other safety guidelines issued by the state, the community or by this race for my participation in this race.”

​A Q&A section is at the bottom of this page

Charity Benefactor: Loxachatchee Chapter of the Florida Trail

Event Website: 
Route for 2022 is reverse from 2021:  
Event Email

Volunteers Needed, please sign up on RunSignup at the same link as registration above!! 

Dogs: Sorry but Dogs are NOT allowed in Riverbend Park;  (  )

 Any Questions, email us at: 

All participants, volunteers & spectators agree to abide by all park rules and regulations…

Note:  All information presented here is tentative and subject to change for approval or compliance.

Riverbend & Loxahatchee River Battlefield Parks  9060 W Indiantown Rd Jupiter FL 33478


Start / Finish Line Area

Park residents

Start/Finish Area
​River Pavilion

Picnic Island Ultra

Riverbend Park, Jupiter FL

Saturday March 19th, 2022 

​Individual & Team Events

4th Annual

Picnic Island Ultra - at Riverbend Park in Jupiter FL. 

There will be several events; a 10 hour and a 6 hour, Individual & Relay, half marathon, half marathon relay & 10k with a cap of 150 runners.

March 19th, 2022
​Timing will be by Mike Melton of MCMTiming 

Registration is open on

Thank You, 
​Co Rd's - Mark Cudak & Scott Richards

No Event in 2020


Q: I am considering running, and I wanted to confirm they are still planned to be held.

A: YES, the date is March 20th at the times listed above!

Q: I have registered for the 6 hour event. I have never run a time limited event like this before and unfamiliar with the rules. I have reviewed the website and don't find an explanation of how it works.  So if a runner does say 10 laps (33) miles in say 5:40 but can't complete another lap before the 6 hours expires is he/she given credit for 33 miles if they stop?
A: Yes you nailed it, that’s how it works!  We are going to use the Picnic Island Loop for anyone who wants extra millage after the 5 & 9 hour marks, if you aren't able to complete a full loop in the time remaining.  You can then run the Picnic Island Loop for the remaining time. That loop is 0.85 miles long! However ONLY completed loops are counted.

Because of the time limit we've been given by the park, even measuring partial laps and being out of the park by 7pm would be a stretch!  It would also delay any official results and the awards!  We could do it for the 6 hour but couldn’t do it for the 10 hour, so not fair to do it for one and not for the other! 

Here’s another difference, unlike other events, after the first full loop, you’re a Finisher!! 

Fixed time events are unlike other events where you run a set distance and see what your time is, here your run as much as you can in a set time on a given course and see what your mileage is!  So one lap of the course and when you come through the finish line your technically a finisher. You just get that distance recorded as you mileage, for the time of your event ( 6 hours! )  So if the loop is 3.32 miles and you do 1 loop in 6 hours, your results will show you as completing 3.32 miles in 6 hours. Someone who runs 10 loops in 5:40 will show as going 33.2 miles in 6 hours!
Q: What is the distance of the loop?
A:  The LONG Loop is 3.32 continuous miles ( No out and backs )  At the 5 & 9 hour marks in the race, we will switch to staying on the Picnic Island Loop so you can get in as many miles as possible.  The smaller Picnic Island SHORT loop is .85 miles around

Q: Where can I get my chip and shirt?
A:  Race morning at the River Pavilion which is the Start/Finish Area, you can pick up your race shirt and bib with the disposable timing tag attached to the back!

Q: Where can I park race morning?
A:  Parking is along the road after the trailhead parking lot, you can park on either side of the road; Note the road is a One Way road around the Island!

Q: Is there and aid station?
A: Yes, one fully stocked aid station will be at the Start/Finish line, which you'll pass every 3.32 miles. 
You can also bring your own stuff and leave it under the pavilion, or set up on the path, so you're never more than a few feet from your things!

Q: Are their bathrooms on the course?
A: Yes there are. There are two brand new bathrooms that have recently been built in the park. One is a few steps away from the Start/Finish line the 2nd is up front near the entrance.  There are also several port-a-lets at various locations in the park and along the course!  

Q: Is there a finisher medal?
A: Check back, something is brewing!

Q: Is the race timed and where will results be posted
A: The race is being timed by Mike Melton and LIVE results will be available for family and friends to follow along!  Mike's site will have a link to the results website posted near the top.  His page is

Q: Where can I find out more about Riverbend Park & Battlefield Park
​A:  At any of the following links...


​Some pictures on the trails in Riverbend Park on 1.6.2019

2021 Shirts

To get to the "River Pavilion" at Picnic Island, enter the park from W Indiantown Rd and follow the paved road all the way to the back to where it will turn to the left and become a dirt road. Follow the dirt road to the right ( it's a one way road )   

Parking is along the road, past the trailhead parking lot, before and after the pavilion! 

Newly built bathrooms are just a few steps away from the pavilion!

2021 March Event Pictures

Race Rules & Random Notes of Interest…

In an effort to be a green race, we’re asking everyone to have a handheld or hydration pack for water and sports drink, cups will be available for other drinks ( soda etc… )

The park is open "Sunrise to Sunset" So we do have to be out of there by 7ish

The long course is measured at 3.32 miles, so that's what everyone will log per lap.  The Picnic Island Loop  ( Short loop ) is 0.85 miles!

The course is a continuous loop, no out & back sections

Newly constructed bathrooms are a short walk from the Start/Finish Area, and at the front of the park.

Parking is along the road near the shelter ( the road is a one-way road around the island )

At the end of the race, partial laps are NOT being counted, only fully completed laps will show in your results.

No pets are allowed in the park

It only takes one completed lap to be a finisher!

There are awards for top overall male & female in both races. and top team in each category. Awards will be mailed after the race!

Results will be kept by lap, and posted to a MCM Timing's web site.  Mike Melton’s web site is

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Riverbend Park, Picnic Island Pavilion at the Start/Finish line.


Registration is Open..