No Event in 2020 due to the COVID Pandemic, see you all in 2021

Inaugural Tough Turkey 4 Miler, 5K and Little Gobbler Mile

Thanksgiving Morning, Thursday November 25th, 2021

Vista View Park, Davie Florida

7:30 am Start for the 4 Miler & 5K

9:00 am Start for the Little Gobbler Mile

Run the "Hills" of Vista View

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Both the 4 Miler & the 5K will start at the same time at the same place, run some asphalt then split to tackle the hills of Vista View, merging a few steps from the finish line!  The course can't be certified by USATF because of the trail being a changing path, unlike a road that is fixed.  But it's measured and you run at least 4 miles and 3.1 miles, with both courses getting in Hills.

We're trying to give you a hard workout so you can eat more, not kill you, so the 4 miler will run up and down the hill twice and the 5k will do one up and down! The terrain will vary from road to mulch trail to asphalt to trail to asphalt path to finishing on the grassy infield! Easy Peazy...Maybe!

Strollers are allowed, but the need to be able to navigate on a mulch path, and must start at the back. 
Pets are not allowed in the park or on race course.

Rain or Shine. No raindate.