Palm Beach Running Company
is a proud Sponsor of
Tony Mangan's World Walk.

"I will be walking the world with a cancer awareness message;
 Life is precious, early checking saves lives..."Tony Mangan


​​The walk started on Feb 27th 2016 and continues today.  Go to to see where in the world Tony is today!

"Life is precious - Early cancer screening saves lives. So far on this walk four people told me they went for screening and 'nasty things were discovered ' That my friends is my fuel, the octane that drives me around the world as I have known many people who did not have the luxury of early detection." Tony Mangan 10/2017

Tony can be described as a Motivator, Writer, Adventurer who ran a 50,000km lap of the world, and is the holder of 2 current world 48 hr records.  

Follow Tony as he traverses the world on his blog at  or on his facebook page at

Tony's route will include the United States, although the exact route has not been finalized yet. Follow Tony on Facebook and his blog as he travels the world.  

Sponsorship and donations are being accepted on his web page. 

Thank You in Advance....